Team or Organizational Space

Charts space for your organization

There are two types of spaces inside Vizydrop — individual and organizational. Organizational chart spaces are available only for users logged in using Google or Github authentication using account which belongs to organization you suppose to connect to Vizydrop, so the chart space will be automatically created for your Google or Github organization and all members inside it will have access to the charts (view/edit/delete).

Permissions in organizational charts space

Basically every user inside organizational space can edit, delete and view charts which are marked as public for team. Every chart source is retrieved using account of its created, so if other member then creator modifies the source of the chart, then it means that the data will be retrieved using account of last source modifier due security in order to avoid retrieving of data using other members account. The visibility and access can be set to be viewed or edited only by creator by marking the chart or dashboard as private.

How to use it with your team if you don't have Google or Github organization

It will be possible inside Vizydrop in future versions, but for now proceed with the setting up that in GitHub:

  1. Create GitHub account at
  2. Create organization in GitHub at
  3. Invite members in created GitHub organization
  4. Login to Vizydrop using created GitHub account