PERCENTILE([Price] + ([Price] * [Tax Rate])/100, 0.3)


PERCENTILE(numerical expression, percentile)

Returns the value at a given percentile of a dataset. The 50th percentile, that is setting PERCENTILE to 0.5 is equivalent to using MEDIAN with the same data set.

numerical expression: Basic arithmetic calculation created using the math operators +, -, *, /, numerical data fields and constants.

percentile: Numerical value from 0 to 1

Use cases

Spent time on tasks

Compare 30th percentile spent hours for completed tasks per week.

Source: Tasks

Time tracking stats for tasks of the building super hero suit

Completed OnTaskHours SpentFeature
03 Jan 2018 10:13 AMCreate a steel helmet to protect head19Protective Suit
20 Jan 2018 04:08 PMCreate a chest protection from steel45Protective Suit
05 Feb 2018 11:34 AMAsk agency to create fancy identity for new super hero30Design
09 Feb 2018 02:11 PMInstall super hero logo on body and helmet2Protective Suit
09 Feb 2018 02:11 PMPut on gloves with nice color2Protective Suit
12 Feb 2018 09:01 PMAsk Hulk to push in head5Combat Testing
01 Mar 2018 06:45 PMAsk Hulk to push in chest5Combat Testing

Chart BAR

X: MONTH([Completed On])

Y: PERCENTILE([Hours Spent], 0.3)


MONTH(Completed On)PERCENTILE(Hours Spent, 0.3)
January, 201826.8
February, 20182
March, 20185