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1. Build custom source connector for your product

First of all, we need to implement Authentification service which allows users be logged into Vizydrop using the credentials of your system. After that we need to create Custom source connector using for your data. The source connector can have predefined report templates like Trello, Jira or Targetprocess cases.

Can take 2-4 hours for simple cases and up to month for complex one

2. Branding

Add logo, brand elements, custom domain, custom start page and sell like yours own. Or not.

Vizydrop branding

Vizydrop payment system, domain, logo, start page, fonts and colors.

0 hours


Your own logo, colors, fonts and custom domain

Several weeks

3. Way of integration

Two options here. After implementing the first step your users are able to use Vizydrop as a standalone portal. Or it can be a frame embedding inside your product.

Standalone data portal

Need to implement only two first steps — Custom Source Connector and Authentication Service. It is just separate product page like trello.vizydrop.com

0 hours

Frame embedding

"Reports" button will be added inside your product which opens frame with Vizydrop inside your system. We can help to implement this frame solution for free.

Several days

4. Choose pricing model

You pay nothing, your users pay

Pricing based on platform usage when the solution hosted securely in one of our existing Vizydrop clusters among other integrated platforms. Your users pay the same price other users pay for using Vizydrop. Please check pricing at our home page

Private dedicated cluster

Unlimited version of Vizydrop in the private cluster created and hosted in our cloud for you.

from $3000 per month
Pricing may be changed if your traffic is very high
your cluster may be extended with additional RAM and other capabilities
only with your permissions.
  • Support of cluster
  • Updates
  • Monitoring
  • Backups