Clever suggestions

Drop your data as-is. Upload a file, provide the url, connect your cloud storage, or use one of built-in app connectors developed by us or by other users. Vizydrop analyzes your data and proposes the most efficient visual representations. We make decisions based on statistical methods and data discovery algorithms.

The first step of suggestions construction is data discovery. We detect fields, their types, and analyze the size of data. You are welcome to change fields names and data types or even ignore fields you aren't interested in.

The second step is auto configuring a set of charts which are suitable for your source.
The algorithm discovers data nature, relations, correlations, and provides automatic data aggregations. You're then shown the result: suggestions with ready to use charts, providing a very fast start to your data exploration.

This is the heart of Vizydrop. We're improving our suggestions functionality every day to make it perfect. Keep in mind that you always can modify charts created by the system using our easy, built-in editor.

Simple editor

The Vizydrop Editor provides an efficient and simple way to explore your data. We support the most useful and common chart types. We created our own visualization library, Tauсharts, based on the D3 framework and 'Grammar of Graphics' concepts, in order to support advanced visualization techniques - such as facets - with minimal effort.

Charts sharing

Share your created visualizations with colleagues, friends, your mom, and the whole world.

Useful dashboards

Keep related charts organized together by using dashboards. Dashboards and charts can be reordered to keep the more important things up top.

Built-in App Connectors

Vizydrop has integrated web-based connectors to different tools and applications. We support popular data formats such as CSV, JSON, and Excel, just to name a few. There will be added more of them in future by us and users of the system. You can even add your own custom connector if your application is not found in our apps gallery

  • box.com
  • dropbox
  • github
  • google-sheets
  • jira
  • onedrive
  • targetprocess
  • trello

Up to date data

All dynamic sources like URLs and apps sources are updated on a day basis. This way we can keep your created visualizations up to date

Custom data connectors

You can create custom app connectors for Vizydrop. These connectors will appear only for you among the other apps in our apps catalog. You're able to use custom sources in the same way as our built-in apps. Just provide a https (or http) URL to your custom app connector which implements our Third-Party Application REST API. You can read more about that here.

Coming soon...

We do our best on improving Vizydrop. The next things are drop filters, editor improvements, suggestion improvements, more apps, company accounts, data snapshoting and more.